ah teaches information design

Course Schedule

Please note that this schedule may change, though any changes will be announced in lecture.

Date (Wk)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue
Sept 10 (Wk01)

Selections from Thoughts on Designing Information (Gobert & Van Looveren, 2014)

What is Information?
Sept 17 (Wk02)

Selections from Infographic Designer's Sketchbook (Heller & Landers, 2014)

Information Design
  • Critiques
Sept 24 (Wk03)

Pages 3-50 from A Practical Guide to Information Architecture (Spencer, 2010)

Architecting It
  • Critiques
Oct 1 (Wk04)

"Wireframes" (Chapter 7) from Communicating Design (Brown, 2010)

Bare BonesP1: Information Design
Oct 15 (Wk05)

"The Dao of Web Design" (Allsopp, 2000)

Selections from Type on Screen (Lupton, 2014)

Teh Webz
  • Critiques
Oct 22 (Wk06)

Selections from HTML5 for Web Designers (Keith, 2011)

Interwebs Annotation
  • HTML Tutorial
Oct 29 (Wk07)

"Using CSS3 Today" (Chpt 1) from CSS3 for Web Designers (Cederholm, 2nd Ed. 2014)

how u rd thgs
  • CSS Basics Tutorial
P2: Wires
Nov 5 (Wk08)

"Starting Small" (Chpt 1) & "Designing the Infinite Grid" (Chpt 5) from Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles (Marcotte, 2015)

Responsive Usefulness
Nov 19 (Wk09)

To be announced.

Building Better Tubes
  • CSS Positioning Tutorial
Nov 26 (Wk10)

No required readings.

Help! I've Fallen! (Tech support)
  • Tech support week
  • Critiques
Dec 3 (Wk11)

No required readings.

The Coding Quiz
  • Final presentations