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The schedule for the Fall 2021 term of IAT-235Information Design

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Andrew is not currently teaching IAT-235. This material is left online for reference only.

Fall 2021 term of IAT-235Information Design
Date (Week)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue

Sept. 9 (01)

Lupton, Ellen and Phillips, Jennifer C. (2015). "Rhythym and Balance (48-59), Hierarchy (128-139)." Graphic Design: The New Basics (2nd Ed). Princeton Architectural Press.

Developing Process

An introduction to the course and thinking about an information and user experience design process.

Sept. 16 (02)

Lupton, Ellen and Phillips, Jennifer C. (2015). "Gestalt Principles (98-115), Framing (116-127)." Graphic Design: The New Basics (2nd Ed). Princeton Architectural Press.

Structuring Content

Thinking about layout and structure to direct movement through content.

Sept. 23 (03)

Akpem, Senongo. (2020). "Principles of Cross-Cultural Design (Chapter 2)." Cross-Cultural Design. A Book Apart.

Understanding Context

The importance of research to help understand context in a design process.

Oct. 7 (04)

Spencer, Donna. (2020). "The Presentation (Chapter 4)." Presenting Design Work. A Book Apart.

Content Structures

Considering not only the design of content, but the content itself as a part of our process.

Oct. 14 (05)

Vinh, Khoi. (2011). "Process (Chapter 3)." Ordering Disorder. New Riders.

Bare Bones

An introduction to interaction design and wireframing.

Oct. 21 (06)

Kalbag, Laura. (2017). "Accessibility Through Semantic HTML." Retrieved 12/17/2021, from https://24ways.org/2017/accessibility-through-semantic-html/

Semantics, Accessibility and Markup

This week we will introduce HTML and how proper use can mean more accessible websites.

Oct. 28 (07)

Jehl, Scott. (2015). "Responsible Design (Chapter 1)." Responsible Responsive Design. A Book Apart.

Responsiveness and You

An introduction to responsive web design and styling your HTML with CSS.

Nov. 4 (08)

Andrew, Rachel. (2017). "The New Layout (Chapter 3)." The New CSS Layout. A Book Apart.

Build Responsively

Focusing on the building of responsive web layouts and an introduction to your final project.

Nov. 18 (09)

Kubie, Scott. (2018). "Compose (Chapter 2)." Writing for Designers. A Book Apart.

Technical Questions

A lecture for answering any lingering questions you have about the final project, HTML, or CSS.

Nov. 25 (10)

Final Project Support

We will use this lecture time as open support for your final project.

  • Critiques

Dec. 2 (11)

Final Final Project Support

  • Critiques