ah teaches information design (Final Project Support lecture)

Final Project Support

Lecture outline

We will use this lecture time as open support for your final project. Lecture slides will be made available on the day of the lecture (Nov. 25).

P4: Design and Develop

Lingering questions

"How do I and my teammate work on a CSS and HTML file remotely at the same time?"

Lingering questions

"I really like the topics that we covered in this class, specifically the structure of information and designing interactions on a digital interface. So I was wondering what are possible careers that I could strive for that focuses on these concepts."

  • Information architect — How do I structure the information?
  • Content strategist — What information do I produce?
  • Interface designer — What does the interface look like?
  • Interaction designer — How does the user interact with the interface?

City visit

The City will be visiting during our next lecture time.

This means we will run our big group critique in-lecture next week. Please come on time with:

  • The audience introduction document (printed or digital)
  • The responsive website
  • A laptop to present your project from (one per group)
  • A pen


As part of our partnership with CityStudio, we can send one team to present their work at the Hubbub on Friday, December 3 from 10:30-12:00 (online). It is a good opportunity to practice presenting your work to an outside audience.

If you are interested in presenting please email Andrew by Friday, November 25 at 5pm.

Focus groups

The department is hoping to speak with a diverse set of students about their views on SIAT's courses. If you are available for a 45-60 minute focus group online (via Zoom) between December 9-10 or 13-15, please head to siats.ca/focus-group to sign up.

A small gift card will be provided to participants as a thank-you for your time.

Open support

The rest of our lecture time will be open support time.