ahandrewh teaches IAT-102graphic design

The schedule for the Fall 2023 term of IAT-102Graphic Design

Fall 2023 term of IAT-102Graphic Design
Date (Week)In lectureIn LabDueReading(s)

Sept 6 (01)


An overview of the course and the fundamentals of sketching and design process.

The Standardistas. (2011). "Designing the Mind." Retrieved 10/3/2023, from https://alwaysreadthemanual.com/read/issues/1/the-standardistas/article.html

Sept 13 (02)

Seeing How We See

Perception and design principles.

Pater, Ruben. (2019). "Selections from." The Politics of Design. BIS Publishers.

Sept 20 (03)

A Type of History

An introduction to typography and working with type in design.

Sept 27 (04)

Layout Construction

Composition and organizing content across a series of pages.

Dyson, Mary C.. (2019). "What do we mean by legibility? (Chapter 1)." Legibility. Design Regression.

Oct 11 (05)

Context Shmontext

Understanding how context and audience plays into understanding our design.

Hall, Sean. (2012). "Selections from." This means this, this means that: A user's guide to semiotics. Laurence King.

Oct 18 (06)

Now Presenting: Design

An introduction to presenting and presenting design work.

Hogan, Lara. (2017). "Selections from." Demystifying Public Speaking. A Book Apart.

Oct 25 (07)

Now: In Colour

Starting to work with the complexities of colour in design.

Nov 1 (08)

People Only Care Sooooo Much

The attention of our audience is shor.

Pater, Ruben. (2019). "Selections from." The Politics of Design. BIS Publishers.

Nov 8 (09)


An introduction to creating a portfolio (for yourself).

Nov 15 (10)

Branding Me, Myself, and I

Considering branding and personal branding in design.

  • Critiques

Hoang, David. (2023). "Your Personal Design Language." Retrieved 10/3/2023, from https://www.proofofconcept.pub/p/your-personal-design-language

Nov 22 (11)

Considering Interaction

Starting to think about interaction as it relates to graphic design.

Butler, Christopher. (2023). "The Rhythm of Your Screen." Retrieved 10/3/2023, from https://www.chrbutler.com/the-rhythm-of-your-screen

Nov 29 (12)

Let's Get Ethical

Considering ethics in design.

  • Critiques

Nov 29 (13)

What Do I Do Now?

Final portfolio reviews and where to continue with design.

  • Final Critiques
  • Critique Quiz