ah teaches web design and dev

Course Schedule

Please note that this schedule may change, though any changes will be announced in lecture.

Date (Wk)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue
Sept 7 (Wk01)

"The Dao of Web Design" (Allsopp, 2000)

"Creating Style Guides" (Robertson, 2014)

The Interwebs
Sept 14 (Wk02)

"Designing Systems" (Chpt 1) from Atomic Design (Frost, 2016)

Styling the Webs
  • Critiques
  • CSS Exercise
Sept 21 (Wk03)

"Atomic Design Methodology" (Chpt 2) from Atomic Design (Frost, 2016)

Like Building Blocks
  • Critiques
  • Flexbox Exercise
Sept 28 (Wk04)

"Thinking in Versions" (Chpt 1) from Git for Humans (Demaree, 2016)

The Utility BeltP1: Process
Oct 5 (Wk05)

"Responsible Design" (Chpt 1) from Responsible Responsive Design (Jehl, 2014)

Devices and their Fickle Owners
  • Critiques
  • Positioning Exercise
Oct 12 (Wk06)

"Considering Accessibility" and "Disabilities and Impairments" (Chpt 1 & 2) from Accessibility for Everyone (Kalbag, 2017)

  • Critiques
  • Accessibility Exercise
Oct 19 (Wk07)

"Getting Set Up" and "Understanding Data Types" (Chpt 1 & 2) from JavaScript for Web Designers (Marquis, 2016)

The Content King
  • Critiques
  • JavaScript Exercise
Oct 26 (Wk08)

"The Worst Portfolio Ever" (Cornell)

Being the UnicornP2: Company
Nov 2 (Wk09)

"Using Ethics in Web Design" (Rand-Hendriksen, 2018)

The Dark Side
  • Critiques
  • Preprocessing
Nov 9 (Wk10)

No readings.

The Coding Quiz
  • Critiques
  • More JavaScript
Nov 16 (Wk11)

No readings.

Turning it to 11
  • Critiques
  • Speed Optimization
Nov 23 (Wk12)

No readings.

Debugging Day
  • Critiques
Nov 30 (Wk13)

No readings.

Portfolio Showcase
  • No labs
P3: Portfolio