ahandrewh teaches IAT-339web design & development

The schedule for the Summer 2021 term of IAT-339Web Design & Development

Date (Week)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue

May 13 (01)

Soueidan, Sara. (2019). "What a Year of Learning and Teaching Accessibility Taught Me." Retrieved 5/11/2021, from https://www.sarasoueidan.com/blog/what-accessibility-taught-me

The Interwebs

An overview of the course, some fundamentals when thinking about design on the web, and an introduction to semantic markup.

May 20 (02)

Frost, Brad. (2016). "Atomic Design Methodology (Chapter 2)." Atomic Design. Brad Frost.

Styling the Webs

Thinking about our websites as modular components and the fundamentals of styling websites.

May 27 (03)

Andrew, Rachel. (2017). "The New Layout (Chapter 3)." The New CSS Layout. A Book Apart.

Like Building Blocks

More depth on styleguides, as well as thinking and building responsive structures online..

June 3 (04)

Demaree, David. (2016). "Thinking in Versions (Chapter 1)." Git for Humans. A Book Apart.

The Utility Belt

Approaches for debugging code and an introduction to git.

June 10 (05)

Thomas, David. (2020). "User Bias (Chapter 2)." Design for Cognitive Bias. A Book Apart.

Devices and their Fickle Owners

Thinking about how users use websites, and more options for laying out your site.

June 17 (06)

Gilbert, Regine. (2019). "Accessibility, Content, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and the Land of Accessible Rich Internet Applications (Chapter 2)." Inclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind. Apress L. P.


More depth on accessibility and usability online.

June 24 (07)

Marquis, Mat. (2016). "Getting Set Up (Chapter 1)." JavaScript for Web Designers. A Book Apart.

Content is Key

Considerations of structuring and writing quality content as well as an introduction to JavaScript.

July 8 (08)

Mall, Dan. (2018). "A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can't Deny." Retrieved 5/11/2021, from https://danmall.me/articles/portfolios/

Being the Unicorn

Portfolios... just portfolios.

July 15 (09)

Monteiro, Mike. (2017). "A Designer's Code of Ethics." Retrieved 5/11/2021, from https://deardesignstudent.com/a-designers-code-of-ethics-f4a88aca9e95

The Dark Side

Ethics, web design and development.

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July 22 (10)

The Coding Quiz

This entire lecture will be our time for completing the coding quiz.

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July 29 (11)

Böck, Max. (2021). "Space Jam." Retrieved 5/11/2021, from https://mxb.dev/blog/space-jam/

Turning it to 11

Speed optimization for websites and course take-aways.

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Aug 5 (12)

Debugging Day

As the title suggests we'll spend this lecture helping you debug your final projects.

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