ahandrewh teaches IAT-235information design

P2: Layout++ (due Jun 7)


Continuing with practices in composition, this project has you practicing working with more space and text to design a magazine spread.

This project is completed individually.

P2: Layout++ is worth 5% of your final grade.

From May 31 to Jun 7

This project only lasts one week. During this week you will generate layout ideas for the magazine spreads, refine them, and assemble a document showing your process.

There are a very specific set of constraints for this project to help focus on working with type, framing and composition. The constraints:

  • Dimensions are one tabloid-sized 17" (wide) x 11" (tall) spread — otherwise known as two letter-size 8.5" (wide) x 11" (tall) pages.
  • Only permitted are the following shades:
    • Black — 0,0,0,100 (CMYK)
    • White — 0,0,0,0 (CMYK)
    • 70% Gray — 0,0,0,70 (CMYK)
  • Only the attached text for your title, subtitles, and body text.
  • Use only the attached Simvoni font (from Amru).
  • Select and use only one photo set:

Please complete the following:

  1. Working with the constraints provided, generate 20 thumbnail sketches to explore different layouts for both pages (each spread). These sketches need to explore different ideas, not small variations on the same idea. Consider:
    • How many photos to use — you must use at least one — and how to frame them.
    • How to establish a clear type hierarchy.
    • How to compose all the text to direct and engage a reader.
    • How to use empty spaces in the design actively.
  2. Select three of your thumbnail sketches and create a refined version of each of the three. These refined versions will:
    • Show the treatment of type used.
    • Show the use of colours.
    • Use the titles provided and indicate where the bodytext would go.
    • Show the photos and framing used.
  3. Select one of your refined sketches and create a digital version. What program you use is up to you.

Assemble your process into a tabloid-sized 17" (wide) x 11" (tall) PDF that uses headings and layout to effectively provide an overview of your process. Ensure the PDF:

  • Shows the sketches clearly — if taking a photo, make sure there is good lighting.
  • Clearly indicates which sketches were selected and refined.
  • Uses the headings to help guide us through the document.

Grading rubric

Grading for this project focuses on process and the presentation of process. Please email Andrew with any questions about the rubric.


Exploration quality and quantity (3 pts)

The quantity of layout options are more than required and exploring very different ideas.

The quantity of layout options are the same as required and explore different ideas.

The quantity of layout options are less than required or explore similar ideas.

The quantity of layout options are significantly less than required and/or explore significantly similar ideas.

Followed the constraints (1 pts)

All constraints — dimensions, colour, text, font, and image-use — have been followed.

One constraint — dimensions, colour, text, font, or image-use — has not been followed.

Two or more constraints — dimensions, colour, text, font, and/or image-use — have not been followed.

Polish (1 pt)

Headings and structure in the submission are used effectively to provide a clear overview of the process.

Headings and structure in the submission are used somewhat effectively to provide an understandable overview of the process.

Headings and structure are in the submission are used ineffectively, and provide a difficult to understand overview of the process.

Final submission requirements (Jun 7)

The final submission for P2 is a tabloid-sized 17" (wide) x 11" (tall) PDF of your process.

Your project submission is due to Canvas before your Jun 7 lab.

Please make sure double-check all your submitted files and URLs to ensure they can be opened. We want to avoid late or problematic submission penalties whenever possible.