ahandrewh teaches team contracts

How team contracts work


A team contract helps establish expectations across the team. This helps to prevent issues that often arise as a result and offer a way of removing team members not fulfilling their duties.

As part of this course you will be completing an online team contract. In this case the team contract is embedded in Canvas as a quiz.

Team contracts are due with the first week's deliverables for a project.

Team contract questions

You can work on this contract and resubmit it as many times as needed before the deadline. Each team member should submit the contract even though the contents may be the exact same between teammates.

Included in this contract are the following questions:

Team contract agreements

There are two statements — the team conflict agreement and team contract agreement — in the team contract for you to review and either agree to or disagree with. If you disagree we will send you a follow-up email to discuss how we can improve or clarify.

Team conflict agreement

If a team member repeatedly fails to meet the expectations set by the team in the contract, other members of the team are expected to take the following actions:

Step 1. Benefit of the Doubt:

Contact the team member (in a f2f meeting or a professional email) and respectfully express the team’s concerns. Be specific about the concerns by referring to the Team Agreement Contract. Inquire into the circumstances surrounding the team member’s behaviour and request a specific and detailed response within 48 hours.

Step 2. Request Instructor Support:

If the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the team, appoint one team member to contact the instructor and TA. Clearly state the problem, and outline what has been done to address and solve the conflict (in step 1). The teaching team will contact the member and further inquire into the situation.

If the issue is not resolved quickly, move on to Step 3.

Step 3. The team will meet with the teaching team and prepare a Request for Removal:

Team members will outline the problem, detailing the requirements not met and outline their attempts at resolving the conflict prior to the request for removal.

If group members do not fulfill their obligations to the team, such members can be removed from the team by the course instructor. In the unusual event that there are problems with all team members, the entire team may be disbanded by the instructor. In the event that an individual(s) is removed from the team, they will be expected to continue the project on their own with no extensions. This same course of action will be followed if an entire team needs to be disbanded.

Team contract agreement

As team members in a project, we understand that by agreeing to this contract we are agreeing to attend all scheduled team meetings (in and outside of class time), meet all deliverable deadlines, and keep in regular contact with our team. In particular, if my team members are expecting hard copies or electronic files of my individual work at team meetings, I will ensure that I provide them on schedule.

We also understand that if group members do not fulfill their obligations to the team, such members can be removed from the team by the course instructor. In the event that an individual is removed from the team, that individual will be expected to complete the project on their own with no extensions.

In the event of any team-related problems, that cannot be resolved within the team, we agree to arrange a face-to-face meeting with Andrew Hawryshkewich (course instructor).

I have other questions

If you have other questions or concerns regarding remote teamwork please email Andrew to follow-up.