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Readings for the Summer 2022 version of IAT-339Web Design & Development

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Andrew is not currently teaching IAT-339. This material is left online for reference only.

When are readings due?

Please try to complete readings before the lecture time. All readings are linked on Canvas with direct links provided below when possible.

Weekly reading list

All readings for the term, listed by week.

May 17 (Week 2)

Frost, Brad. (2016). "Atomic Design Methodology (Chapter 2)." Atomic Design. Brad Frost.

Approximately 4400 words.

May 24 (Week 3)

Andrew, Rachel. (2017). "The New Layout (Chapter 3)." The New CSS Layout. A Book Apart.

Approximately 4700 words.

May 31 (Week 4)

Demaree, David. (2016). "Thinking in Versions (Chapter 1)." Git for Humans. A Book Apart.

Approximately 4600 words.

June 7 (Week 5)

Thomas, David. (2020). "User Bias (Chapter 2)." Design for Cognitive Bias. A Book Apart.

Approximately 8300 words.

June 14 (Week 6)

Marquis, Mat. (2016). "Getting Set Up (Chapter 1)." JavaScript for Web Designers. A Book Apart.

Approximately 4400 words.

June 28 (Week 8)

Mall, Dan. (2018). "A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can't Deny." Retrieved 8/20/2022, from https://danmall.me/articles/portfolios/

Approximately 2200 words.

July 5 (Week 9)

Monteiro, Mike. (2017). "A Designer's Code of Ethics." Retrieved 8/20/2022, from https://deardesignstudent.com/a-designers-code-of-ethics-f4a88aca9e95

Approximately 1900 words.

July 12 (Week 10)

No readings.

July 19 (Week 11)

Böck, Max. (2021). "Space Jam." Retrieved 8/20/2022, from https://mxb.dev/blog/space-jam/

Approximately 900 words.

July 26 (Week 12)

No readings.

August 2 (Week 13)

No readings.