ah teaches web design & development (Portfolio Review lecture)

Portfolio Review

Lecture outline

Bring in your final portfolios to lecture. We will review them and provide further feedback and direction. Lecture slides will be made available on the day of the lecture (July 26).

Peer critique prep

In preparation for today's critiques, please:

  1. Select a numbered station for your project.
  2. Write down your name on the post-it at the station.
  3. Place your bags/belongings out of the way.
  4. Load up your project website in Chrome.
  5. Close off any other applications that may be running.
  6. Have a pen or pencil ready.


Please be clear what you were commenting on and why your critique is valid/important.

After each prompt you will:

Peer critique start

Please move +1 project.

Valid HTML and CSS

Open the validator at http://ah1.ca/validate

Run the website through the validator. Comment on any frequent concerns.

Validator password is:

You have...

HTML code review

Review the HTML for:

You have...

CSS code review

Review the CSS for:

You have...

Clear Interaction Cues

Can we tell what is a link, and when we use the mouse and keyboard to navigate to it, does it visually cue us?

You have...


Open up our responsive viewer at ah1.ca/rv and check both landscape and portrait orientations.

Does the website respond effectively to these different sizes?

You have...

Progressive Enhancement

Let's disable Javascript and see what happens.

You have...

Please open a blank tab overtop of the portfolio

First impressions

Briefly look at the landing page of the website. What do you understand this website is about? and why?

10 seconds

First impressions

Briefly look at the landing page of the website. Who would you say this individual is/what do they do? and why?

10 seconds


Step through the website. Do you believe this person can do what they claim to?

You have...

Visual identity

Does the visual language or identity presented communicate what this individual does? Why or why not?

You have...

Process analysis

Read through the process analysis. Can you:

You have...


If you have participated in this exercise you will have an additional day to submit the project.

Future webs

I'm going to keep it short and give you three things to think about beyond this course.


Learning JS in 2016
Design & Content

Guests next week

We will have two guests next week to join us for our peer critiques. Please arrive on time and ready to go.

Stay cool!