ah teaches web design & development (More Code than Design lecture)

More Code than Design

Lecture outline

Thinking further about web development. Lecture slides will be made available on the day of the lecture (Nov 17).

P3: Portfolio


Please form into groups of 3-4 and pull out your draft bios and process analysis.

We will be reviewing our bios and process analysis with your groups.

Bios feedback

Please take turns reading your bio out loud. While you are reading out your bio, others should consider:

You have 8 minutes.

Process analysis

Please pass your process analysis to another person in your group. While you read through another process analysis, please note:

You have 8 minutes.

Coding Quiz

We will be holding the coding quiz during our lecture time on Nov 24.

For the quiz you will be presented with a problematic set of code. Fixing it will only require use of HTML and CSS. There are two parts to this quiz:

  1. Explaining where there are problems and what are the problems in the code (worth 7/10 marks)
  2. Fix the problems in the code (worth 3/10 marks)

Coding Quiz

For explaining where there are problems and what are the problems in the code you will be graded on clarity and quality — the description of errors and explanation must be detailed enough that we can see you understand the problem and solution.

This will be worth 7 of 10 points. Part marks are possible.

Coding Quiz

For fixing the problems in the code you will be graded on code validity and solution completeness.

This will be worth 3 of 10 points. Part marks are possible.

What do I review for the quiz?

I highly recommend reviewing anything we have covered with regards to HTML markup, CSS styling and layout and developer/debugging tools in preparation for the quiz.

Coding quiz rules and requirements

Coding quiz exercise

What if I cannot attend?

If you have any concerns about being able to attend, please contact Andrew before the lecture. We will arrange another time to have you complete the quiz.

For today's code tutorial

We will be covering code pre-processing, for which we will need prepros.io

Once you have that installed, take a look at pugjs.org and sass-lang.com