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Coding quiz exercise (due Nov 24)


To help prepare for the coding quiz we have a sample quiz for you to complete.

This quiz is completed in two parts:

  1. Explaining where there are problems and what are the problems in the code. You will be given only HTML and CSS that should be working, but some errors have been committed in the coding of the page.
  2. Fix the problems in the code. As you describe in the first section, resolve the issues occurring in the code.

The linked sample quiz provides you with a package to start with. Please remember to review:

  • HTML markup
  • CSS styling and layout
  • Using developer tools

The 'solved' code for this exercise should behave as the above.

Part A

Find and explain the errors in the code. This section will be worth 7/10 marks.

For each method, include:

  • Describe what is the error. For example: The wrong attribute has been used or the value for the property is incorrectly set.
  • Explain what the effect of this error is. For example: The typo here means that the HTML is not linking to the CSS stylesheet and cannot load the styling specified in the CSS file.

This description and explanation must be detailed enough that we can see you understand the problem and solution.

Part B

Resolve the errors you have identified using HTML and CSS. This section will be worth 3/10 marks.


Please submit your deliverables for Part A & B in one ZIP file.

Your submission is due before lecture on Nov 24.

Exercise rules reminder

Please remember that the exercise rules still apply:

  1. You can use online resources, course materials, your TA, and lab-mates for support. This being said, others are not allowed to do your work for you. Also, if you are drawing from online resources, course materials, your TA or peers, you must;
  2. Cite any knowledge that is not yours in a comment in the code. The internet is a huge repository of information and you are welcome to use it, but you must let us know when something does not originate from your own knowledge.
  3. If work has been copied without citation the exercise grade will be zero. Please make sure to include comments indicating where you had assistance or learned.