ahandrewh teaches IAT-339web design & development

Employment exercise (due Nov 10)


To prepare for your final project you will look at job postings for the kinds of positions you may want to apply to after SIAT.


Please complete the following for your exercise:

Focus what you want to do

  1. Determine one area in which you would want to work. For example, UX is a broader area in which you may do research or design.
  2. Find three job postings in that area. Please aim for 'realistic' jobs coming out of your undergrad — for example it is unlikely you will be a design lead or head developer straight out of our program.
  3. From the job postings, generate a list of 'skills' that are necessary. What are the skills listed in the job posting — programming, design, soft or hard skills, etc — that they expect applicants to have?
  4. From the job postings, generate a summary of what your portfolio will need to feature if applying for these jobs. You know what skills they will require as well as how they describe the role. What do you believe you need to feature or highlight in your portfolio to demonstrate you are a good applicant for the position?

Summarize your 'requirements'

Put together your three job posting URLs along with the skills list and required portfolio features into a document to help give us a clear overview of what your portfolio will likely need to feature or highlight.

Your submission is due before lecture on Nov 10.

Grading rubric

This code exercise is worth 1% (1 point) of your final grade.

Exercise rules reminder

Please remember that the exercise rules still apply:

  1. You can use online resources, course materials, your TA, and lab-mates for support. This being said, others are not allowed to do your work for you. Also, if you are drawing from online resources, course materials, your TA or peers, you must;
  2. Cite any knowledge that is not yours in a comment in the code. The internet is a huge repository of information and you are welcome to use it, but you must let us know when something does not originate from your own knowledge.
  3. If work has been copied without citation the exercise grade will be zero. Please make sure to include comments indicating where you had assistance or learned.