ah teaches web design and dev

Hello new IAT-339ites (Sept 4, 2018)

Welcome to the Fall 2018 edition of IAT-339. Omid — your awesome TA — and I are looking forward to working with you. Some quick items to clarify off the start of the term:

  1. Yes, there will be labs and lecture starting this week. Please be present, and on-time.
  2. We will be using Canvas for this course, for which our package should now be available. You can access all course materials by logging into our Canvas site for the course at canvas.sfu.ca.
  3. Please make sure to give the course syllabus a read-through before this week's lecture.
  4. There are also a couple of readings to read for this week's lecture — "The Dao of Web Design" (Allsopp, 2000) and "Creating Style Guides" (Robertson, 2014)
  5. Please bring a laptop with a textual code editor — such as Visual Studio Code — to lecture (the library can provide you one if needed).

Typically I will be introducing coding tutorials in the second half of lecture which you will then work with in the labs, for which a laptop will be beneficial. There are links to suggested software in this week's Canvas module and should you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

See you soon.