ah teaches web design and dev

Hello IAT-339,

Just a couple of final notes on your first project, and a reminder on what to prepare for this week's lecture:

Bonus office hours

As I was unable to make it to labs last week, I will be holding extra office hours on Wednesday, September 26th from 2-3pm by email appointment only. Please make sure to send me an email to book a time if you would like to meet.

Styling Forms

In lecture there was a request for an article on styling forms. I apologize for the latency, but my best suggestion would be to give the MDN article on basic styling of forms and their advanced styling article a read-through. The advanced article in particular provides you with a collection of libraries that can make styling forms easier in the future.

Prep for lecture

A reminder that there are a couple of items that we need you to prepare for lecture this week:

  1. Sign in to SFU's Gitlab using your SFU Computing ID and password. (Please note: not the same as Computer Science's Gitlab install).
  2. If you are unfamiliar with git, please make sure to have GitKraken installed before lecture. Downloading and installing it in lecture will take too long.

Of course, should you have any other questions or concerns that come up please make sure to send me an email.

See you soon.