ahandrewh teaches IAT-339web design & development

Welcome to IAT-339! (May 12 - May 13)

Welcome to IAT-339

Thank-you for joining the Summer 2021 version of Web Design & Development! As this course will happen entirely remotely this term, there will be weekly announcements to clarify and remind you of what is coming up. Specifically:

While we will aim to keep these announcements as succinct as possible this week's announcement is a bit long as we are covering some of the introduction that would usually happen in the first lecture. Thanks for your patience!

The teaching team

We — Andrew Hawryshkewich (your lecturer) and Vahid Zahednejad (your TA) — will be teaching the course this term. We are available at ac.ufs@h_werdna and ac.ufs@endehazv.

Course overview

To make sure you understand what you can expect of Web Design & Development, I recommend reading through:

Communicating with the class

Please make sure any communications in the class follow our Email and conduct rules outlined in the syllabus.

We will have four options for communicating about the course:


Please allow up to 2 business days for responses. We do not provide design critique via email. Please arrange a meeting or attend office hours for design critique.

To make our responses faster, please include the following in your email:

Course chatroom

We are offering an SFU-hosted chat service to allow for all students to participate. To join please:

  1. Sign up for the service using your SFU email address and a new, unique password.
  2. Once signed up you can sign-in at https://ah1.ca/chat339.

Office hours

We will announce regular weekly office hours before May 20. I am hoping to set up office hours to best accommodate those in different timezones. Please participate in the timezone survey before May 16 if you feel comfortable doing so.

Lecture and labs

There will be open time during most of our lecture and labs (on Zoom) to accommodate questions or support.

This week's reading

Please try to complete readings before the lecture, however, there will be time set aside in each lecture to complete the reading should you need.

This week's reading is: Soueidan, Sara. (2019). "What a Year of Learning and Teaching Accessibility Taught Me." Retrieved 5/11/2021, from https://www.sarasoueidan.com/blog/what-accessibility-taught-me

A PDF of the reading is available on Canvas. The reading should take about 21 minutes to finish (4200 words).

Reading reflection

We will talk more about the reading reflections in this week's lecture.

This week's lecture

This week's pre-recorded lecture portion is available at https://andrewh.ca/teaches/web_design_and_development/lectures/01/video. Please watch it before our lecture time. During our lecture time this week we will:

Before this week's in-lecture code tutorial please:

This week's labs

Please drop by the start of this week's lab times to say hello to Vahid! The first labs will be open time to work on the first coding exercise with support from Vahid as needed.

Questions or concerns?

Of course should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email Andrew or email Vahid and we will respond as quickly as possible.