ahandrewh teaches how to FTP

How to FTP WebDAV files to your SFU filespace


Below are instructions on setting up Cyberduck to FTP WebDAV files to your SFU filespace. We are not using Filezilla as changes to the SFU FTP WebDAV service mean we will be unable to use Filezilla for now.

Due to recent SFU access restrictions. This webspace is only available to students of IAT-339 or IAT-235. Students in IAT-235 should email Andrew to request access.

Download and install Cyberduck.

Library laptops and campus computers will already have Cyberduck installed.

Open Cyberduck

The main Cyberduck graphical user interface (UI)

You will be presented with a display similar to the above upon opening.

Find your webspace

Before setting up the connection, you will need to find which webspace is 'yours' — head to https://www.sfu.ca/siat/student_projects/iat339_2023_fall/ (for Fall 2023 IAT-339 D100) to see the listing. There should be a folder that contains the first bit of your SFU computing ID.

A listing of folders available at www.sfu.ca/siat/student_projects/iat339/

When accessing the address you will find a listing of folders. Find the one that matches the first bit of your computing ID.

If you are unsure which one is yours, please email Andrew to confirm. Once you have found the folder, copy the name of the folder for use in Cyberduck.

Looking at www.sfu.ca/siat/student_projects/iat339/aha50/ address we see an empty folder listing

You will need to copy the folder with the piece of your computing ID.

Create a new bookmark

The main Cyberduck UI with the Bookmark dropdown menu open

We will need to add a new bookmark: Available under the "Bookmark" dropdown menu is an option for "New Bookmark."

The Cyberduck bookmark setup UI with the protocol, nickname and server information set

The bookmark setup interface will have a couple of items you need to set, including Protocol, Nickname, Server, Username and Password

Once you have set the above, you will also need to specify the path that you will be working with. For this, you will need the address you copied earlier. Select the 'More Options' dropdown to set the path.

The Cyberduck bookmark setup UI showing the more options dropdown open and the path set

The path should be set to /web/siat-students/site/.../yourfolder (for students of IAT-339) or /web/siat-students/site/.../yourfolder (for students of IAT-235)

Once done applying all those settings, close the bookmark setup window.

Open the new bookmark and connect

The main Cyberduck UI with the Bookmark listing open

Once you have closed the bookmark setup window, you can view the bookmark in the listing.

The main Cyberduck UI with the Bookmark listing open, and a context menu selected for one bookmark highlighting "Connect to Server"

You can right-click and select "Connect to server" or double-click on the bookmark to connect to the server

Try uploading a file

Once connected, you will see two files that are titled 'DONT_DELETE_ACCESS.txt' and 'DONT_DELETE_USERS.txt'. If you delete these files you will no longer be able to access the filespace.

The Cyberduck file listing once connected to WebDav showing the DONT_DELETE_ACCESS.txt and DONT_DELETE_USERS.txt files

Please do not delete these files.

From here you can drag-and-drop files into the interface or select the 'Upload' option from the top menu in Cyberduck to upload files.

An index.html file is being dragged into the file listing for upload

Remember that index.html files will be the default file that is show when we access the web address.

Refresh your webpage

Refreshing your webpage at https://www.sfu.ca/siat/student_projects/... should now show the uploaded file.

The page shows the content of the uploaded index.html

Because an index.html file was uploaded, it will be the default file loaded when accessing the web space.

I am still having trouble

Please email Andrew if you are still having trouble with uploading files.