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The schedule for the Summer 2021 term of IAT-334Interface Design

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Andrew is not currently teaching IAT-334. This material is left online for reference only.

Date (Week)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue

May 18 (01)

Buxton, Bill & Buxton, William. (2007). "The Anatomy of Sketching (Chapter 9)." Sketching User Experiences. Elsevier Science & Technology.

User Interface Thinking

An introduction to the course as well as getting you started on sketching interfaces.

May 25 (02)

Krishna, Golden. (2015). "Screen-based Thinking: Let's Make an App! (Chapter 2)." The Best Interface Is No Interface. New Riders.

Aesthetic Affordances

Considering guidelines and affordances in designing interactions.

June 1 (03)

Hall, Erika. (2013). "The Process (Chapter 3)." Just Enough Research. A Book Apart.

Aesthetic Assessment

More on affordances and heuristic assessment of interfaces.

June 8 (04)

Thomas, David Dylan. (2020). "Our Own Bias (Chapter 4)." Design for Cognitive Bias. A Book Apart.

Understanding Users

Looking at different types of users, their goals, and how we can understand them.

June 15 (05)

Sharon, Tomer. (2016). "Who Are the Users? (Chapter 2)." Validating Product Ideas. Rosenfeld Media.

Talking to Humans

An introduction to approaches for interviewing users and the resulting consideration of research ethics.

June 22 (06)

Head, Val. (2016). "Sketching Interface Animations - An Interview with Eva-Lotta Lamm." Retrieved 8/15/2021, from https://valhead.com/2016/12/08/sketching-interface-animations-an-interview-with-eva-lotta-lamm/

Teeny Tiny Actions and Patterns

Exploration of more interaction and interface patterns as well as the introduction of microinteractions.

June 29 (07)

Walter, Aaron. (2020). "Designing for Humans (Chapter 2)." Designing for Emotion. A Book Apart.

UI for Humans

A recap of human-specific issues in interface design including (but not limited to) accessibility and culture.

July 6 (08)

Akpem, Senongo. (2020). "Culturally Responsive Experiences (Chapter 5)." Cross-Cultural Design. A Book Apart.

Surveying the Land

Surveying users and deriving meaning from research results.

July 13 (09)

Perez-Cruz, Yesenia. (2019). "Communicating Your Brand (Chapter 3)." Expressive Design Systems. A Book Apart.


How we go about prototyping testable interfaces and interactions.

July 20 (10)

Bowles, Cennydd. (2018). "Persuasive Mechanisms." Future Ethics. NowNext Press.

When We Fail

Dealing with the reality of when we fail... because we will at some point fail.

July 27 (11)

Shedroff, Nathan and Noessel, Christopher. (2012). "Visual Interfaces (Chapter 3)." Make it So. Rosenfeld Media.

Interface the Future

Looking into future considerations or aspects of interface design.

    August 3 (12)

    The End

    There will be no formal lecture this week, content is to be determined.