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Reading reflection #3 (due May 22)

This document is a draft

Until May 22As a result it may still change up until May 22.


Remember you only need to complete two reflections over the term (there are six available).

While reading or after reading "The Process (Chapter 3)" (Hall, 2013) please highlight portions you believe are most important to performing effective research.

Once done highlighting, please:

  1. Select one highlight that you believe is most important.
  2. Briefly explain why you believe it is most important to performing effective research.
  3. Explain how you would approach feature design differently based on the highlight you have selected. Please provide a specific example.


Your instructor will have a print-out for completing the reading reflection on in your May 22 lecture. You will need to provide a print-out of the reading. Reading reflections must be completed in the lecture time.


This reading reflection is worth 5% (5 points) of your final grade.