ahandrewh teaches IAT-334interface design

Sketch #10 (due July 25)


Select one user task from your final project design work. Imagine a potential mistake by the user or use an error found in testing your prototype to sketch five different ways of responding to the error. The sketches need to show:

Add text notes as needed to help us understand what the sketches show.


Once done, please scan or photograph your sketches for submission as one JPG file. You will be graded on completing the sketching requirements above, the readability, and the variety of solutions in your sketches.

Your submission is due to Canvas before midnight on July 25.

Sketches may be shared

Please note that sketches may be shared and discussed in class.

Please avoid putting your name on your submission as a result. If you make a mistake with your submission, feel free to resubmit before the deadline.