ahandrewh teaches IAT-334interface design

Final grades released (August 16)

Final grades released

This will be the last announcement for the term. Please read it in full.

Grades we can discuss

If you have concerns with your final grades we are at this point only able to discuss the final project, as per SFU policy on Grading and the Reconsideration of Grades (T20.01 section 2.4).

If you have concerns we ask that you review the rubric and your submission, then email Andrew. Include in your email a specific concern and suggested times to meet and talk.

Ladan will not be able to talk about grades.

What is the grade-scale for this course?

The grading scale used in this course is as outlined in the syllabus. The letter grade you see on Canvas is the grade you will receive in your transcript, some rounding will have been applied.

This course uses the SIAT standard grading scale for final letter grades:

Letter gradePercentage range
A+ 95% to 100%
A 90% to 95%
A-85% to 90%
B+80% to 85%
B75% to 80%
B-70% to 75%
C+65% to 70%
C60% to 65%
C-55% to 60%
D50% to 55%
F0% to 50%

Can I get an extra n% into the next letter grade?

No. Andrew will not respond to emails making such a request.

Study participation

Those who have participated in studies will see the additional points applied to their final project grade. A comment will be present in your submission indicating how the additional points have been applied.

Participating in user studies will at this point no longer boost your grade.

Grade concerns deadline

Due to departmental deadlines, all grading concerns must be brought to Andrew's attention by Tuesday, August 17 by 14:00 (PT). 

Andrew will be available to discuss any concerns on Monday, August 16 and Tuesday, August 17 at varying times.

Chat service shutdown

As per popular request, we will likely move to Discord next term. As a result the Mattermost chat service will be shut down on or shortly after Wednesday, August 18 (2021). Please email Andrew if you have any questions that linger past the term.

Some final notes from Andrew

Thank-you all for you hard work this term. I hope that the course has proven useful for developing your design and interface know-how. Should you ever have any design, industry or other 'I think Andrew can answer' questions please feel free to send me an email anytime as I'm almost always happy to chat about these things.

Also a thank-you for your patience while I sorted out the online teaching bit. I missed out on the 'training' of teaching online for the previous terms, so there were many 'first time' lessons.

I hope to see you in 'real' space — safely — soon.