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P3: Bestest Outline Builder

This project brief will allow you to edit portions and modify it to 'tailor' your project experience. Please look for highlighted portions that will indicate what you can or cannot change.

Having worked through two prior projects, this project expects:

  • Clear client-focused materials.
  • Applying a self-defined process.
  • A high-fidelity prototype (physical and/or digital).


This project will tackle:


All materials for this project must be presented in a client-friendly form and content. Otherwise you choose what deliverables we can expect. Please consider the following as you decide:

  • What aspects of your practice are your strengths and what aspects do you wish to deepen and improve? and how might this shape your choice of brief and process?
  • Different stages of the process — research, insight, solution — may predispose themselves to different forms of deliverables.
  • How might a client receive and interpret different types of form or content, and how can you capitalize on that to make a stronger case for your design?


All materials for this project must be submitted by end-of-term on Thursday, April 9 (2020). Otherwise you choose deliverable deadlines and what we can expect. Please consider the following as you decide:

  • If you want feedback on written materials they must be submitted by 4:30pm the day before the lecture.
  • If you want feedback on presentations they must be submitted by 4:30pm on the day of the lecture, and presented in-lecture.
  • Timeslots for group-by-group feedback will be included in each week's lecture: You choose if you would like to make use of it.
  • Deadlines can be adjusted with 3-day notice and a reasonable rationale, but nothing can be extended past end-of-term.


The rubrics for deliverables and the reflection are available at available at https://438.ah1.ca/projects/P3-Bestest/rubric/.

The reflection for this project is worth 5%, otherwise you choose how to distribute the remaining 30% amongst the deliverables.


Once you have filled in all the necessary fields (including those below), please print this to PDF and submit it with your team name in the file name to Canvas.