Guest Lecture by Ceri Rees

Guest Lecture by Ceri Rees

Lecture outline

This week's guest lecture will be on workshops.

Guest Lecture by Ceri Rees

Ceri takes over for a bit here.

Today's Agenda

In the approximately 2.5 hours left (150 min):

  • Choose-your-own-reading (60 min)
  • P3 Preview
  • Insights/General Check-in Time (90 min)
    • Disaster
    • Cheng
    • Working Title

Reading & Markup

In the reading you selected, please read through and highlight what you deem important.

Be prepared to answer why.

Critical Reading

Exercise Time

You have 30 minutes to complete the exercise. Please bring to the front once done with your marked-up reading.

Next Week: P2 Presentations & Ethics

While We Critique

Visit with at least one other group you have never (or rarely) chatted with. Given you are design students, take a moment to check-in with one another and reflect on your progress as a larger group.

Please talk with them about:

  • Where are you at in your process?
  • What are your concerns moving forward?
  • Are there any things you need to clarify or answer before proceeding?