Divergent Futures

Divergent Futures

Lecture outline

In this week's lecture we will talk about your second project as well as how to start thinking about the future impacts of your designs.

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Alt Office Hours

Stanley's Friday office hours are suspended for this week due to a company retreat in the no-wifi-woods.

My regular office hours are suspended for reading week. I will be available instead on Wednesday, February 19 between 3-5pm or by email appointment with a preference to meet between Joyce/Collingwood and Waterfront Skytrain stations.

Reading & Markup

Please read through today's reading and highlight the following:

  • Where the author describes changes.
  • What caused or influenced that change.

Do not stop to note down why, just highlight and move on.

You have 20 minutes.

Critical Reading

Exercise Time

You have 20 minutes to complete the exercise. Please bring to the front once done.

Divergent Futures

Stanley is going to talk to you today about Designing for Divergent Futures. His slides are available for download on Canvas.

Course Chat

P2: Better

For this project you will get to pick your direction and deliverables a bit more. Please open up the following URLs:

Before Leaving Today

There are a couple of items you must complete before wrapping up today:

  1. Submit a PDF of your project brief and team contract.
  2. Visit Andrew to sign the PDF of your project brief and team contract.
  3. Review and apply your feedback to the rubrics for the next project.
  4. Vote on your preferred dates for 'choose-your-own-readings.'