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Reading reflection #3 (due Oct. 7)

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Andrew is not currently teaching IAT-235. This material is left online for reference only.


While reading or after reading "Principles of Cross-Cultural Design (Chapter 2)" (Akpem, 2020) please highlight sentences in the text that you believe are part of the argument or claims of the author.

Once done highlighting, please:

  1. State what you believe the author is claiming using at least two highlights as examples.
  2. State if you believe this author's argument influences your work as a designer, developer, or otherwise.
  3. Explain why you believe it influences (or does not influence) your work.


Your responses can be submitted anytime before the lecture on Oct. 7 to the reading reflection on Canvas.


This reading reflection is worth 5% (5 points) of your final grade.

How reflections work

Just a reminder about how reflections work: