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Reading reflection #1 (due January 8)

What are reading reflections?

Reading reflections are a replacement for the reading quizzes that would usually take place in IAT-235. They are to be completed either while doing the reading or immediately after. An overview:

How reflections work


Reading reflections must be done in-person during lab times. Bring a print-out of the reading to lab if you choose to do the reflection.

While reading or after reading "Rhythm and Balance (48-59), Hierarchy (128-139)" (Lupton, 2015) please highlight sentences in the text that you do not understand or find confusing.

Once done highlighting, please:

  1. Select two highlights that you did not understand or found confusing.
  2. Explain what was not understood or confusing about each highlight.
  3. Explain why you believe this highlight was not understood or confusing to you.


Your TA will have a print-out for completing the reading reflection on in your January 8 lab. You will need to provide a print-out of the reading. Reading reflections must be completed in the lab time.


This reading reflection is worth 5% (5 points) of your final grade.