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Semantic markings (February 12 - February 26)

Semantic markings

This week you will be getting your first feedback on P3, have an in-lecture code tutorial on HTML, and an in-lab tutorial on Figma. The HTML and subsequent code tutorials are important to succeeding in P4.

Please prepare for lecture

Before next week's in-lecture code tutorial please:

Figma tutorial in labs

For those who are less familiar with Figma, we will be covering the basics to enable you to complete your project in this week's labs. Please make sure to be on time so you do not miss out.

Missing a P3 group?

There are still a large number of students not in groups for P3 on Canvas yet. I imagine a large portion of you already know who you are working with, but have not yet signed up. Please make sure to do so as soon as possible and I will be following up with any students not in a group later this week to try and help everyone to find a group.

If you have any questions or concerns about group formation for P3, please email Andrew.

Questions or concerns?

Of course should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email Andrew, email Alfredo, email Nafira or message over the course chat and we will respond as quickly as possible.