ahandrewh teaches IAT-235information design

Welcome to IAT-235! (January 8)

Welcome to IAT-235

Thank-you for joining the Spring 2024 version of Information Design! Announcements for this week are a bit longer to make sure you are ready-to-go for the first lecture. Please read through them carefully.

The teaching team

We — Andrew Hawryshkewich (your lecturer), Alfredo Sherman (TA for D102/D101), and Nafira Waili (TA for D103/D104) — will be teaching the course this term. We look forward to meeting you in-person soon!

Course overview

To make sure you understand what you can expect of Information Design, we recommend reading through:

Communicating with the class

Please make sure any communications in the class follow our Email and conduct rules outlined in the syllabus.

We will have four options for communicating about the course:


Please allow up to 2 business days for responses though we will typically reply much sooner. We may be able to answer questions about software or code via email or course chat depending on the complexity. We do not provide design critique via email or course chat. Please arrange a meeting or attend office hours for design critique or complex software or code questions.

To make our responses faster, please include the following in your email:

Course chatroom

We are using Discord this term for our 'course chat'. You are not obligated to join but it is often handy for asking quick questions. To join please:

  1. Sign up for the service.
  2. Once signed up you can sign-in at or through the Discord apps.

A reminder that we do not provide design critique via chat. Please avoid posting any person details (i.e. student ID number, full name, etc.) in the chat.

Office hours

All weekly office hours for Andrew, Alfredo, and Nafira will be posted by January 15 to the office hours listing. There will be a mixture of in-person and remote office hours available.

Lectures and labs

Yes, there are lecture and labs on January 8. Please email Andrew if you have any questions about the schedule.

Reading reflections

We will talk more about readings and reading reflections in this week's lecture. Please bring a print-out of the first reading to lecture.

Questions or concerns?

Of course should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email Andrew, email Alfredo, email Nafira, or message us over chat and we will respond as quickly as possible.