ahandrewh teaches IAT-102graphic design

COLOUR! (due Oct 25)


Find five different colours that you encounter on a daily basis. Sketch out the context — the surrounding area, the product, etc — in which you usually see them, and use colour to help show that colour in-context

For each sketch:

A sketch showing a pink envelope sticking out of a mailbox with notes alongside indicating the colour terminology, connotations and context

Make sure your sketches include the context that the colour is seen in so we understand the connotations in context better.


Once done, please scan or photograph your sketches for submission as one JPG file. You will be graded on completing the number of sketches and notes required and the fidelity of your sketches (they should be medium fidelity).

You are allowed to use this exercise as part of your project.

Your submission is due to Canvas before 8:00am on Oct 25.

Sketches may be shared

Please note that sketches may be shared and discussed in class.

Please avoid putting your name on your submission as a result. If you make a mistake with your submission, feel free to resubmit before the deadline.