ahandrewh teaches directed studies

Information for SIAT undergraduate students looking to do a directed study.

What is a directed study?

A directed study is a one-term project which you are 'directed' by an instructor. This direction involves regular meetings, deliverables, and progress on the agreed upon project. You are expected to be self-motivated and to take initiative. Coming with ideas of what you want to do for a directed study is required.

There are some things that do not work as directed studies. Please avoid the following:

The application process

3 months before the term starts, email Andrew to confirm interest and availability. Please provide a copy of your unofficial transcript for review.

2 months before, an initial draft of the directed studies form is due. Faculty and students start reviewing and revising the proposal.

1 month before, the directed studies form revisions should be completed. Both student and faculty sign the form, and the faculty member submits it to the department.


Upcoming availability for directed studies:

  • For Fall 2024, two openings.
  • For Spring 2025, one opening.
  • For Summer 2025, no openings.
  • For Fall 2025, two openings.
  • For 2026, no openings.