ahandrewh privacy policy

The privacy policy for andrewh.ca and related websites

An introduction to the privacy policy

This website (andrewh.ca), related domains (andrewh.pro, ah1.ca), and subdomains (i.e. iat235.andrewh.ca, iat339.andrewh.ca, etc) — referred to as 'site' from now on — collects some information from you to try and better structure the site over time.

What is Collected

In order to help improve this site over time, this site makes use of Matomo to collect and organize analytics information. A complete list of all the items Matomo tracks is available on their website. This site tracks:

Anonymization & Security

Data and access to the site is anonymized and secured via the following:

Opting Out

If you have enabled 'Do Not Track' in your browser you have already opted out; the site knows to respect your wishes and will not track you. If you have 'Do Not Track' disabled you can use the form below to opt out.

Retention of Data

Old data will be removed from the system after 365 days (1 year).

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Andrew if you have any concerns with the use of your data on the website or this privacy policy.