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My current employment and educational experience. A complete record of my teaching experience is available on LinkedIn and a complete listing of design experience can be provided upon request.

Lecturer at SIAT/SFU

Attempting to train unicorns — coders and designers in one — as a lecturer my role is predominantly teaching focused, though there is a fair bit of committee work as well as supporting the university community. In particular, I’ve helped to bring about the SIAT Mixer and the SIAT Jam to help students practice their skills and meet industry outside of the classroom.

You can read more about my teaching philosophy and practice at

Board member at Art for Impact

A member of the board of Art for Impact (AFI), a non-profit focused on holding interdisciplinary art events for the benefit of other grassroots non-profit organizations. My role has me taking on a variety of tasks from managing their web presence to helping run tech at their events. It is quite an entertainingly varied position.

Freelance Designer at ah productions

‘ah productions’ is my side-business completing various media projects. This has included in the past (but is not limited to) audio, video, graphic and web design. More recently this work has tended more into the realm of the exploratory with collaborative video/dance projects such as Body Abandoned and Dark Room.

Projects listed under the design section of this website cover some of the more recent breadth of my work as a freelance designer. Should you be interested in finding out if I am suitable for other sorts of projects, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Master of Science at Simon Fraser University

Completed and successfully defended my thesis entitled The Beatback System: Exploring Interactive Percussion for Promoting Rhythmic Practice at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (Simon Fraser University) under the guidance of Philippe Pasquier (senior supervisor) and Arne Eigenfeldt (secondary supervisor). Presentations given as part of my time as a Master’s student are available in the talks section.

Bachelor of Arts at Carleton University

Completed a Bachelor of Arts - Combined Honours – in Music and History while completing a concurrent diploma in Sonic Design at Carleton University.

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