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My design projects which fall under the broader ‘multimedia’ realm of the spectrum. If you are interested in collaborating please feel free to contact me.

Cork Eyewear (Round 2)

Continuing from my 2012 attempt at making eyewear I am in process in producing further cork eyewear. The base-frames are being milled this time around to help facilitate faster ideation and generation of frames. As the process continues, I will be adding in-process materials here.


Parti — short for participation — is an LTI built for image-based participation in the classroom. Originally a demo designed for my first-year Graphic Design class, thanks to a university grant it was redesigned in collaboration with SFU IT Services to integrate with Canvas. The entire system is now available open-sourced on GitHub.

Video introduction to Parti produced by SFU’s Teaching and Learning Centre and there are more presentation materials available in ‘talks’.

Body Abandoned

Another collaboration with Sara Coffin, this time working with her associates in Mocean Dance. The work for this project was completed heavily through the internet, as co-location for working on it was not quite an option. Appropriately so, the piece itself explores disembodiment in the digital age, and I had the pleasure of being able to explore further integration of video projection with dance in this piece.

Art for Impact

As part of my work as a Art for Impact board member I have worked on redesigning the Art for Impact website, along with development of a variety of promotional and event related materials. Lots of items such as posters, flyers, programmes and signage for a variety of Art for Impact events.

I highly recommend reading up more on the organization if you are an artist as there is often opportunities for performance or workshops that come up!


A periodic project developing various materials for the Cinesonika conference. More recently, this has involved the Cinesonika Website but in the past there was more conference material design required.

Dark Room

Photography meets dance, working with live video projection and interactive audience elements in collaboration with the Body Narratives Collective (comprised of Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr). The piece was initially performed on October 26th, 2012 at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, and later restaged for December 4th and 5th at The Roundhouse.

Cork Eyewear

Once upon a time I got frustrated with looking for new glasses frames and decided that I should try and make some eyewear out of cork. Needless to say I am still wearing them to this day, minus one or two ‘breakings’ of the glasses which were not entirely unsurprising (i.e. soccer ball to the face). With the assistance of one awesome Michelle at Eye Candy Optical I managed to figure out how to work with positioning and cutting lenses for glasses.

I documented a bit of the process in photographs but I will one day create more cork eyewear and capture the process to a higher degree. Someday…

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